The Elements of Success

The proposed business plan for Casa Monte Tabor includes a variety of supporting elements, allowing for comprehensive marketing concept, easily integrated within the Swiss- and Ticinese cultural landscape, thus offering a commercially viable project that generates a measurable amount of additional visitors to the Region*, therefore contributing to an improvement to the lodging industry’s occupancy levels.

Villa Remarque / Casa Monte Tabor
The Home provides a focal point for the overall project, and offers a platform to support a variety of initiatives surrounding the themes of Peace, Freedom, Literature, Cinematic and Fine Art, Fine Jewelry and Haute Couture.

Its public spaces comprise the boat landing where visitors arrive with a shuttle boat from Ascona, the tropical gardens, the grand salon and the historic “Wiedergutmachungsterrasse”, a large terrace/balcony where unique, special events may be hosted, or where visitors will lounge during their visit, enjoying a “Remarquable” experience.

The (limited) public space at Casa Monte Tabor is to be decorated with original and reproduction artefacts, with periodically changing thematic elements, as a “cherry on top” complement to…

…the Erich Maria Remarque and Paulette Goddard Exhibit in Ascona (new)

To generate interest and traffic, a storefront – or (temporary) seasonal location in the heart of Ascona would feature a multimedia presentation/exhibit, including a museum-style  bookstore selling Remarque and Goddard books, films, reproduction jewelry, art and Hollywood Memorabilia, as well as tickets for the house tour, accessible exclusively via dedicated shuttle boat or bus leaving and returning from and to the exhibit, preferably located near the Post Office bus terminal.

Casa Monte Tabor’s “Remarque” and “Goddard” Master Bedrooms
The Remarque & Goddard bedrooms would be made available (at cost) during Off- and Low Season to donors, dignitaries, Remarque Peace Prize recipients, Remarque Professors, Remarque Institute, Goddard Scholarship recipients and other entities related to the Legacy of Remarque and Goddard. During High Season, the foundation proposes to collaborate with a local Hotel (group) and offer its inventory as a “dependance” and unique experience to paying customers. Net proceeds are to benefit the foundation’s efforts and cover its base operation expenses.

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The Book
OPPOSITE ATTRACTION, the double-biography by Julie Gilbert – out of print, available used on amazon and Ebay, in German, English, Portuguese and Polish. We propose to re-release the book under a special label, where a portion of the sales would benefit Casa Monte Tabor.

click to view full documentary (Italian only, 53min.)

The Documentary,
by Victor Tognola Pending its producer’s agreement, this documentary in Italian and German (with English subtitles) could be easily integrated in the project and could become part of the merchandise available for purchase by visitors to the future Artist Residence. A potential “2.0” version for the US-English market, including new material by NYU‘s Remarque Library and interviews with Julie Gilbert is also part of our proposal.

PUMA, The Theatrical Play by Julie Gilbert
A play based on “Opposite Attraction” was successfully staged from January to April 2011 at the New Jersey Repertory Company. Our proposal includes a permanent production staged locally in Ticino, and performed during a “Remarque Festival” – where part of the proceeds would benefit Casa Monte Tabor.

“OPPOSITE ATTRACTION”, The Feature Film (proposed) based on Julie Gilbert’s book, filmed on location as a Swiss-German-American co-production is currently in discussion – a “teaser script” is available by request at EMRPGfoundation [@]

The proposal foresees possible complementary financing coordination by Ticino’s Film commission to facilitate filming, tax rebates, employment credits, location credits, etc.

The Lago Maggiore region is to be featured prominently in the film, giving it a valuable tool to achieve maximum visibility, worldwide, for decades to come.

The “Swiss Hollywood Experience”
Because of Chaplin and Goddard’s historic ties, a proposal exists (in embryonic stage) to possibly link “Chaplin’s World – The Modern Times Museum” on Lake Geneva with Goddard’s Casa Monte Tabor on Lago Maggiore by way of a Hollywood-themed salon-car rail travel experience, possibly even in combination with the Glacier-, Bernina– or Lago Maggiore Express.

Using existing infrastructure
Wherever and whenever possible, it is our intent to plan the least amount of impact generated by additional traffic caused by visitors to the Artist Residence. A limited amount of guests each day (tickets) are shuttled by a small boat, possibly shared with Isole di Brissago, thus eliminating duplication. Hotels with boat service will be allowed to shuttle their guests to the site. The public bus line 316 operated by the Regional Ticinese Transportation Authority could be rechristened “The Remarque line” to be included in the concept, and be designated the only official transportation method to visit the Artist Residence by road.


Hosting Remarque Conferences and Peace Seminars in the Locarnese
The Remarque Institute at NYU already organizes events in various European locations, including Kandersteg/Switzerland and would consider the Lago Maggiore region for a future set of gatherings under the Remarque themes.

A proposed component of Casa Monte Tabor, is the “Epicenter of Peace” Conference, dedicated to Remarque – facilitated by the U.S. based Erich Maria Remarque and Paulette Goddard Foundation. The University of Osnabrück’s Remarque Friedenzentrum and the Remarque Gesellschaft have also expressed the interest in including the Locarnese in their conference schedules. Whenever possible, conferences shall be scheduled during soft occupancy periods.

The upcoming 100th anniversary of WWI in 2014 will bring Remarque back to the forefront – offering historic tie-ins with WWI Locarno Treaty elements, and WWII “Operation Sunrise”-summit. The 2014 release of the Hollywood feature film “All Quiet on the Western Front” (currently in production) will offer a tremendous opportunity for the region to be mentioned in the context of Remarque and World Peace. This would help anchor the region’s 20th Century historic context, and perhaps increase its visibility even more in European and North-American Markets.

Casa Monte Tabor itself is only equipped for Salon-Style exhibits and small-scale VIP Board meetings or receptions. Larger venues are available in nearby Ascona – Casa Monte Tabor would act as the landmark symbolic “epicenter” for events surrounding Remarque and Goddard in the region.

Remarque & Goddard Film Festival
An example: Gstaad could not imagine being without the Jehudi Menuhin’s Festival, an event that has grown over the years into a 20,000 visitors / 9+Mio CHF enterprise which helped animate the Saanenland region well beyond its typical season.

Remarque and Goddard offer a never-before seen opportunity to create a series of events to animate the Lago Maggiore region well past its typical summer months, similar to the impact of Menuhin’s yearly event, for decades to come.

Remarque and Goddard’s combined library of 60+ Feature Films, a multitude of documentaries, TV appearances and more – are enough material to create an interesting “Classic Hollywood” thematic experience presented in multiple languages.

The newly created Spring edition of the Locarno Film Festival (inaugural March 2013) promises to be an interesting event combining Literature and Film history – a perfect space to showcase legendary writer Erich Maria Remarque’s early Hollywood influence.

The proposal provides a desirable bad weather alternative for high-season months – and a Classic Hollywood Film Festival scheduled during softer occupancy periods – events produced with minimal expense and with existing local cinematic infrastructure.

Goddart and Remarque Art, Jewelry and Fashion collection
Erich and Paulette had a substantial portfolio of impressionist Paintings, Pastels and Drawings – all were sold at various auctions, but there are efforts underway to reunite the most important elements of Remarque’s collection of Cezanne, Daumier, Degas, Monet, Pissarro and Renoir masterpieces. It would be desirable to host this “reunion” in Switzerland, possibly in Zürich, to obtain highest possible visibility and an opportunity to highlight Remarque on Lago Maggiore.

Paulette Goddard owned one of the most extensive jewelry collections in Hollywood. She only accepted jewelry as a gift from her suitors – and every one of her love interests brought with them many exceptional jewelry pieces, which to this day are reproduced and marketed worldwide as the “Hollywood Collection”, which we intend to re-unite much like Remarque’s Art, to create another signature showcase event to attract and introduce different-interest visitors to Remarque and Goddard’s legacies, and to the Lago Maggiore region.

Many of Paulette’s show dresses are well maintained and stored by Hollywood memorabilia collectors worldwide. Her dresses and her jewelry, combined with her glamorous image would be a fascinating exhibit on its own!


*Visitor statistics impact
According to the research story “Musei d-autore – il caso Hesse” written in March 2008 by Prof. Claudio Visentin in “La rivista del Turismo” – the similarly positioned Hesse Museum (swissinfo video) in Montagnola/Lugano generates approximately 7,000 additional lodging-nights benefiting the local tourism industry.

7,000 Lodging Nights @ CHF 150 (estimated average) for food and lodging, equals to over 1 Million CHF in gross revenue each year, and represents 30% yearly occupancy of a typical “Albergo” in the region!

It is safe to assume the Casa Monte Tabor / Remarque-Goddard project has the potential to generate as many, if not more traffic, knowing of the many synergies created through the various initiatives proposed.

The Erich Maria Remarque and Paulette Goddard Foundation, Inc.
a California 501c3 non-profit organization (certification pending)

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