The Timeline

After death of Paulette Goddard, the Estate goes to New York University – this includes a $20M (CHF 60M) inheritance and Casa Monte Tabor. A dispute between NYU and Ticino causes the home to be sold to cover outstanding taxes. A member of the German Dornier Family buys the home for CHF 2.5M at an auction, outbidding the Remarque Friedenszentrum and University of Osnabrück, which originally wanted to buy the house to create an Artist Residence to honor Remarque and Goddard.

After the death of Christoph Dornier, the Estate is sold to the current owners.

Casa Monte Tabor is available for sale. Three instant offers, one for the asking price, were extended. Upon discovery that a developer was to demolish the home to make room for a new private residence, the current owners retreated from the sale – and reached out to various cultural institutions to explore alternative solutions to save Remarque’s legacy.

February: The village of Ronco, its municipal benevolent foundation “Pro Ronco”, and the Canton of Ticino contribute a total of CHF 200,000 (+CHF 18,000) to secure a one-year option to buy – expiring February 28, 2012.

April: after reading of difficulties by the village of Ronco to raise awareness for the cause with local tourism officials, Ticino-native, Los Angeles resident Michael Gaedeke reached out to offer coordination efforts to create an awareness drive in Hollywood, and explore possible donors opportunities.

August: for six weeks in July and August, an outreach and lobbying program was rolled out during the Locarno Film Festival – by encouragement of Mr. Marco Solari, who recognized the importance of this project by giving us full access to decision-makers, government officials and film industry supporters.

On August 15th, a formal agreement with “Pro Ronco” was reached, and upon returning to the United States, our team of volunteers has worked to create a compelling brand and concept around Casa Monte Tabor.

February: Municipality announces they exhausted all avenues for public funding – and are hoping last-ditch efforts from German and U.S. supporters would yield more success. Private donors have shown interest in contributing, however are expecting a future participation of public entities, to ensure the success of the future integration of the concept in its local cultural offerings. Public funding will be made available for the future operation and maintenance, but not for the purchase of Casa Monte Tabor, nor to cover ongoing fundraising expenses.


WWI 100th Anniversary remembrance year
Remarque Friedenszentrum presents (in proposal)
Remarque Institute at NYU Conference (in discussion)

Paulette Goddard’s 110th/105th/100th Birthday
Release of “Opposite Attraction” (Festival Film Locarno?)
1st year Paulette Goddard Residential College @ NYU “Summer with Paulette” program.

Inauguration of “Hollywood Express” – the Salon-style railroad travel experience from Lake Geneva to Lago Maggiore – linking “Chaplin’s World” museum to his former wife’s Paulette Goddard’s mediterranean retreat, Casa Monte Tabor – creating a new attraction linked to Film history, which beautifully integrates Ticino’s desire to heighten its footprint in the Film Industry, based on the region’s economic development goals related to Tourism, Culture and Film.




The Remarque Year