Introduction (en)

Ensuring a Cultural Legacy

Dear Fellow Film & Culture Supporter,

We are a group of volunteers, founders of “The Erich Maria Remarque and Paulette Goddard Foundation” (@EMRPGfoundation on twitter) – an organization created with the purpose to ensure the cultural legacy of these two Remarque(able) individuals.

This project puts the spotlight on Art- and Hollywood History Preservation around the World. Efforts to raise private funds [CHF6.2M ($7M) – CHF9M ($10M)] to buy, restore and save Paulette’s home from possible demolition, are well underway.

Throughout Europe, various countries and other special interest groups – including Literary groups, historic preservation-, and anti-war societies – have reached out to their leadership and membership to support Remarque’s staunch pacifist ideals and to solicit funds for this effort.

We are seeking potential U.S. and Swiss-based sources (private & corporate) who are considering a financial participation. Swiss and German Governments are aware, at Presidential levels, but are hesitating to engage for political reasons and because they don’t want to use Taxpayer money for a private real estate-based foundation effort. The local political authorities of Ticino are also hesitating supporting the purchase, for fear of creating a precedent in a Canton with many similar projects. The home is (not) yet considered a historic landmark, and obtaining such status might prove difficult for various reasons, even though “All Quiet on the Western Front” is being considered part of European Heritage, recognized by the United Nations.

We have also been working on a Feature Film project, which is based on Pulitzer-nominated “Opposite Attraction” by NYU Prof. Julie Gilbert – a double-biography of Paulette and Erich, published in 1995.

Saving Casa Monte Tabor will not only offer a focal point as location for the movie, but it will also forever sear the future of Paulette’s and Remarque’s legacy into the history of Hollywood, Which was Paulette’s wish by donating her beloved home and her $20M fortune to the Arts upon her death in 1990 .

The final goal of this vision, is to connect Lago Maggiore and Lake Geneva’s two newest main attractions in 2014, the year of the 100th anniversary of WWI, by way of an existing railway line with salon-style, luxurious panoramic “themed” cars – bringing together the two personalities who “started it all” in Hollywood: the Charlie Chaplin Museum in Vevey and Paulette Goddard’s Casa Monte Tabor in Ronco sopra Ascona .

On April 23rd, 2014 we will commemorate Paulette Goddard’s 24th anniversary and memory of her death. Let’s make Paulette’s wish come true.

Thank you for your time and attention.